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Euclid is a natural stone trading company, its core responsibility is to source the materials and deliver to the client in the form shade texture and quantity requested. hat could range from block, slabs or finished product.

We source a large spectrum of material from the quarries located in various regions Worldwide. Our strong relationship with the quarries guarantees us the quality of stone you desire.

Tailor made planning quality for us at Euclid is a value to emphasize, trust and solid friendships with our clients is at the core of our philosophy. Connecting each client and experience not with a piece of furniture, yet with a reliable companion.

We work with the expressiveness of the material in all its purity; we use the experience of man and his desire to experiment, following ambitious paths that go beyond the use of technology. We choose materials individually each pieces of stone is valued and treated with care using an innovative approach that takes advantage of their flaws and imperfections.

An insight to the world of natural stone

The mining, processing and use of natural stone, particularly marble, is a mammoth modern day industrial enterprise. The demand for marble and its different forms is exemplified by the number of dedicated trade shows worldwide

Invoking notions of high-end living and affluence, marble speaks to refined taste and discernment. Yet it would appear that in recent times marble has worked diligently to alter its affiliation with ideas of ostentation and excess, instead gaining favor with a cohort of contemporary designers and design-conscious consumers. As a material, marble is tactile and strong, imbued with both emotion and cultural relevance. It has a valuable and versatile quality, finding application in luxury interiors and modern settings, in combination with natural materials such as copper, leather and wood, and in faux decoration and ornamentation.

New and advanced technologies have augmented the number of ways in which designers can create and apply shapes using marble, thereby increasing productivity of and accessibility to marble-based products I am one to argue, at the expense of traditional forms of craftsmanship. In previous years, we have seen many examples of marble’s versatility in furnishings, lighting, storage, accessories, tableware, exterior façade, interiors and fashion

With the (slow) shift in consumer attitudes towards the merits of buying design that is long-lasting, environmentally friendly and sustainable, it is hoped that marble will be one trend that escapes the ravages of our throwaway society.

+971 50 123 4567
[email protected]
Sunday – Thursday 9:00-18:00
+971 50 123 4567
[email protected]
Sunday – Thursday 9:00-18:00
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